Day Ticket Prices 2017/18

Only visiting for a short while, or just want to test the water? Then why not buy one of our competitively priced day tickets.



Adults(17yrs +)            £16.00
Junior £8.00

Tickets not available from the 28th February to the 24th march inclusive. Two rainbow trout limit, all other species to be returned.

Whinny Gill

Adults(17yrs +)            £8.00
Junior £4.00

Tickets not available from the 15th to the 24th march inclusive.


All Tickets             £3.00 in advance - £5.00 on the bank

Tickets available online, The Boat Shop and The Paper Shop.

River Aire

Adults(17yrs +)            £6.00
Junior £3.00

Tickets not available from the 15th to the 24th march inclusive. All species to be returned alive.

Day tickets are available online and the following outlets:-

The Elm Tree Inn Embsay

Jackson's Tackle 27 Albion Street Earby.

The Paper Shop 1a Sunmoor Drive Skipton. (bottom of Shortbank road)

K.L. Tackle 127 North Street Keighley.

Archway Pet Supplies Keighley Road Skipton.

Carleton Newsagents & General Store. Carleton.

Pennine Cruisers, 'The Boat Shop', Skipton Basin. (Canal tickets only)

* All species caught at Whinny Gill must be returned alive.
** All species caught on river Aire must be returned alive.
*** All species except rainbow trout caught at Embsay to be returned alive.(two fish limit)
**** All species caught on the Canal to be returned alive.
***** Day tickets only permit the holder to fish with one rod and reel.



Upon purchase of a valid day-ticket, the holder is allowed access to the relevant venue on the specific date as stipulated on the ticket provided that all rules, regulations and safety information has been read and fully understood. It should be noted that all reservoirs, rivers and streams are dangerous places and the Association cannot be held responsible for any member availing himself or herself of the privileges gained by access to the Associations venues. It is a condition of the day-ticket that the holder agrees to indemnify the Association and its officials, servants, agents or members against all actions, claims, costs or demands in respect of injury to himself/herself arising out of or in connection with any of the Associations activities and notwithstanding that the same may have been caused by or contributed to by the negligence of the Association or its offices, agents, servants or members. The Association does not provide any special places, platforms or other installations to fish from and does not accept any responsibility for any person or persons on any of their fishing waters. Accordingly, day tickets are only offered on the understanding that those using the privileges do so entirely at their own risk.