Conservation and the environment

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The Association and its members have always shared a deep respect for the local environment. It is in the interest of all to keep our surroundings tidy, free from danger and pollution. We understand that from an ecological viewpoint that if there is a weak link in the chain, the whole chain will suffer and possibly collapse as a consequence. We therefore go out of our way to ensure that every aspect of the flora and fauna around us, (not just the fish in our waters), gets the care and devotion it needs and deserves. We take advice from many areas of expertise, to enable us to develop our policies and safeguard the long term interests of the environment in which we live. We are aware that there is always more to learn, but are always willing to embrace new ways in which we can evolve and improve and we welcome any suggestions you may have.
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What we do

- Hold regular engaging community events
  such as River bank clearance & waste removal.

- Work with Environment Agency and other bodies
  to ensure we are doing all we can.

- Offer free advice and training to members
  young & old, there's always something new to learn.

- Work together with Yorkshire Water & local police
  to ensure our banks are enjoyable & safe.

- Willow Clearance & bank works
  working with land owners to improve habitats.

- Monitoring & removal of invasive species
  helping to keep our natural biodiversity.

- Work with the local college & schools
  to engage & educate younger generations.