Fishing Ilkey Angling Association Waters

Skipton Angling Association (SAA) and Ilkley Angling Association (IAA) Ticket Exchange System since 2018

Our two associations are local open membership clubs who charge similar annual membership fees and both sell day tickets. This scheme will share our resources and increase fishing opportunities for our respective members without any additional cost to our clubs or individual members.

Ilkley Angling Association has the fishing rights on both banks of the River Wharfe at Ilkley and Ben Rhydding plus two coarse fishing ponds just to the east of Ben Rhydding. The river stretch is ideal fly fishing and wading water and contains large populations of wild Brown Trout and Grayling. One pond is managed as a wild Tench water and the other contains large numbers of small Roach and Perch plus some sizable Pike, Carp and Tench.

A booking process has been implemented which makes it easy for everybody to use the system. No actual IAA ticket needs to be collected but all SAA members must carry, and on request be ready to show, their SAA annual permit when fishing an IAA water.

For Maps of Ilkleys waters please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

1. The arrangement will run from 25th March 2018 for a period of one year, and annually thereafter subject to agreement from both club committees.

2. Each club will provide access for a maximum of two members of the other club on any one day.

3. All Skipton AA members wishing to fish an IAA water MUST first contact Richard Tordoff (SAA General Secretary) by phone or (preferably) by text or email (see contact details below) to book a date. This contact must be at least 24 hours ahead of the proposed fishing date.

4. IAA club rules and appropriate access maps will be emailed out by the SAA club Secretary to any member requesting to use the exchange system. Maps are also available via the IAA website at

5. Only current, fully paid up members of the respective associations may use the system (ie. no guests) and when fishing they must show their club membership card when requested to do so.

6. SAA members must abide by all of the IAA club and any venue specific rules. In addition no fish may be taken when using the exchange system – strictly catch and release of all species.

7. The parent club is responsible for the actions of its members when using the exchange system and will deal with any wrong-doing in accordance with its own disciplinary rules. Any issues should be reported to the Secretary of the parent club.

8. No fishing allowed on dates and venues where matches are scheduled. Each club Secretary will be aware of these dates so as to be able to advise their booking members accordingly. There are no matches scheduled on IAA waters in the period 25th March to 1st November inclusive.


For Ilkley Angling Association members - Secretary – Dave Martin tel. 07899 034728, email

For Skipton Angling Association members – General Secretary – Richard Tordoff tel. 07939 222405 or email

Ilkley Angling Association – Fishing rules for use from 25th March 2018 onwards.

1. Members must be in possession of a current membership card when fishing, and must produce it at the request of the Bailiff (or any Adult Member). Fishing must cease immediately on failure to produce the card.

2. All members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency fishing rod licence. All members must conform to fisheries regulations and byelaws.

3. One rod and line only is allowed to be used per person fishing. An additional rod may be set-up, but not used other than on the Members’ Lagoon and Roadside Lagoon, where the use of two rods is permitted. Both rods must be positioned within one meter of the angler.

4. All fish of all species are to be returned alive to the water.

5. No member should leave litter: no excuse will be accepted for this and it is expected that all existing litter, if any, should be cleared before fishing.

6. It is the duty of the Bailiff, or any member, to report any violation of the rules to the Secretary, who will place the matter before the Committee for their observations, their decision on the matter being final.

7. Members fish at their own risk and are responsible for their own personal property and safety. The Association shall not be held to be liable for any injury or damage to property, nor the negligence of any angler.

8. Barbless, microbarbed or debarbed hooks only may be used.

9. Arranged, publicised angling competitions have pegging priority over individual members.

Rules for the River Wharfe

10. No keep nets may be used apart from during official Association matches.

11. No more than one hook may be used except when fly fishing.

12. The river is closed to all fishing between 15th and 24th March (inclusive). Between 25th March and 15th June (inclusive) members and visitors may only fish fly and worm. The close season for trout is from 1st October to 24th March (inclusive).

13. Spinning is not allowed on the river.

Additional rules for both ponds

14. Entry to the ponds should be via the main gate only.

15. Vehicles should be parked on the designated areas only. No cars on the pond or river banks.

16. There will be no close season for the lagoons.

Roadside pond rules

17. Spinning, fishing with sea dead bait and the use of multiple hooks is allowed on the Roadside pond for pike.

We hope you will take advantage of this excellent opportunity and report back with your catches.
Tight lines.