Prices 2020/21


Annual membership is available online and via postal application (see below). Membership terminates on the 27th February each year and is available to any bona fide angler. There are two types of membership available at the following rates.

All waters membership. (Embsay, Whinny Gill, Canal & River Aire)

Adults(17yrs +)            £80
OAP's* £60
Junior £15

River Aire, Canal and Whinny Gill only

Adults(17yrs +)            £40
OAP's £30

Other Fees

Adult/OAP joining fee**       £10
Optional 2nd rod permit*** £20

!!! Dont forget, if youre aged 12 or over & wish to fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt and eels in England, Wales or the Border Esk region of Scotland, you need a rod and line license from the Environment agency, otherwise youre breaking the law & cheating fellow anglers !!!

Half Price Full adult membership is available between 01 October and 26 Feb Each year (the full joining fee being still applicable). Please email for a special application form.

* OAP Membership is only available to those who have at least 1 years membership at full rates.
** Adult/OAP joining fee must be paid by all non members or those whos membership has lapsed. This is a one off fee and not applicable to those renewing an existing membership. There is no joining fee for juniors.
*** That when fishing for trout, members may only fish with one rod and line. Members fishing the river Aire and Whinny Gill for coarse fish, may upon the purchase of a second rod permit, use two rods. Any trout caught while using two rods to be returned alive. Both rods must be fished within 10 feet (3 Metres) of the angler.