Embsay reservoir

Embsay Reservoir is located above the village of Embsay, near Skipton. It is owned by Yorkshire Water, and is used to supply water to the north and west of Skipton. It is the clubs flagship venue holding large numbers of good sized trout and a great spot for Fly fishing (plenty of casting space). Unlike most game fisheries, float fishing with worm & minnow and spinning are permissable too, however the use of ground bait or loose feeding is strictly prohibited.

The reservoir was built by Skipton Urban District Council to service the needs of a rapidly rising population in the area. Forty acres of Embsay Pasture were compulsorily purchased in 1905, and work started almost immediately, with the main contract being awarded to the specialist company, Messrs G H Hill and Son. Work was completed before the end of 1909, the reservoir was full by January 10 of the following year and was officially opened on June 21, 1910. No dwelling houses were submerged during the building of the reservoir but the hamlet of Whitfield and most of the mill were demolished prior to work starting.

The water covers almost 30 acres and is very deep due to the dam height of 24 m (79 ft). (Fishing is not permitted from the dam wall due to health and safety reasons). As with all Skipton Angling Associaitons waters there is a 2 fish limit. Species at the venue are Rainbow trout and Brown trout along side perch, which seem to have found a way in to the water (some of which are now specimen sizes). 2014 Will see the venue stocked with much larger trout than in previous years, so expect the club record to be shattered! Can you be the one who's name will go down in club history?

2016 and 2017 have seen introductions of tiger trout into the reservoir which are proving exceeding popular and appear to put up a better fight (size for size) than any other fish. They can often be found cruising the shallows chasing the smaller perch which seems to be a favourite food source for them. We remind anglers that all species except rainbows must be released in order to give them chance to grow on and others to catch. 2019 also saw the introduction of spartic trout into the venue, another stunning species which put up a great fight.

Species: Trout (Rainbow/blue, brown, spartic, tiger), Perch

Tributaries; Moor Beck, Lowburn Gill.

Water volume; 795,000 m3 (175,000,000 imp gal)

Surface elevation 215 m (705 ft)

A brief history of its construction can be found here;