River Aire

The River Aire is a limestone stream and has abundant insect life, the Brown Trout and Grayling are possibly the fittest and heaviest length for length in any Yorkshire Dales river. Fish on the River Aire will respond to most methods with upstream dry fly or nymph taking most fish when fly fishing. Spiders as usual (fished upstream) take their share but stealth and a careful approach are essential if you are to catch fish as often the water on the River Aire is cut glass clear.

The river Aire is challenging water, with its overhanging trees and deep holes, you will find deep slow stretches, fast shallows and steady runs of around five feet in depth where you can trot a float. The baits used are most commonly red worms and of course maggots, but bread flake and crust can also produce results. Lob worms certainly work on this river when the water is high and coloured. Be careful when reeling in those big trout though or you may lose it one of the Aires monster pike.

S.A.A. rights are; Skipton side: From the Carleton stone bridge, down to the fifth field below the Snaygil railway bridge including parts of Eller Beck up to the cemetery on the road side (1 1/2 miles approx). Carleton side: From the field over which the former railway line crossed on Heslaker Lane down to the first field below the Snaygill Railway bridge (2 1/2 miles approx). Please note that some fields are shared with Bradford City AA.

In response to the change in legislation regarding the stocking of diploid trout (2015), the association have since decided to safeguard the Aires indigenous brown trout by insisting that all caught are safely returned to the water.

Source location - Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire Elevation 377 m (1,237 ft)

Mouth - River Ouse – location, Airmyn, East Riding of Yorkshire elevation 5 m (16 ft)

Length 114 km (71 mi)

Basin 1,004 km2 (388 sq mi)

Discharge for River Ouse – average 35.72 m3/s (1,261 cu ft/s)

SAA Fishing rights on the Aire.